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School Policies
Welcome to Success Real Estate School. Below are some things you should know before starting classes here. Good Luck! Your future is in your own hands.

Be on time for class and sign-in.
Each state mandates attendance rates in order to receive a certificate in a course. In Arkansas you must attend 100% of the sessions. In Tennessee you must attend at least 95%.
Returned checks assessed a service charge.
We cannot be responsible for your belongings. Please keep all things with you during class.
Please help keep the classroom and property clean and free of trash. Please do not throw trash or cigarettes on the driveway. Push your seat under the table when leaving.
Courses must be completed within one year of starting date. There are no exceptions to this.
No refunds after the first class.


We follow the city schools inclement weather policies. If city schools are closed due to bad weather conditions, then we are also closed.

Comfortable, casual dress. You may want to bring a jacket or sweater.

You will be given breaks during each class.
There are snack and coke machines in the break area.
Please help to keep the restrooms clean.

You will need to bring a pencil, pens, a notebook and/or a three-ring binder, a financial calculator, and highlighters.

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