Choose the Tennessee Real Estate Package that’s best for you.
Our 2 Tennessee Real Estate learning packages offered are the ACHIEVE Pre-Licensing & New Affiliate Combined Course (Full 90 Hours) & the IGNITE New Affiliate ONLY (30 Hour) course. You must have completed the 60-Hour Pre-License Course and Pass your PSI exam before Registering for the 30 Hour New Affiliate Course.  This is everything you need for a strong start in your real estate career while meeting all required guidelines.
Special $155
60-Hour  Pre-License Affiliate Course
This 60-hour pre-license course is the first of two required courses that prepare you for your real estate licensing exam and help lay a solid foundation for your real estate career. It will cover Tennessee law, ownership, valuation and brokerages, as well as real-world discussions about mortgages, lending laws and other consumer-based themes. This course is approved by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.

* Package includes the 30 Hour New Affiliate Course and all Required Course Materials.

30-Hour New Affiliates Course
The Tennessee New Affiliates course is the second of two required courses for new licensees. Course topics cover Tennessee real estate law, including agency relationships, listing practices, contract fundamentals, finance and closing, fair housing and risk reduction. This course is approved by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.

* Exam Prep
* Education Concierge
* Student Forum

Note: Both the pre-license and new affiliates courses are required to practice Real Estate in Tennessee.
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